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In this site you would found information about Cuba, Honduras, India, thoughts, and phrases of famous people, and many other things.

Eric means kingdom, and there is a few famous Ericís, Eric CLapton, very famous guitarist, Eric Bana Australian actor, Eric Prydz Swedish Dj, Eric Benet, famous musician, and Eric Carr drummer of the Kiss group, well I am a very simple Eric, and a very humble one, Eric Perez, for this reason this site in called eripere.com and by the way, a peculiar thing I discover eripere is a word that in Latin means to snatch.

I am Cuban, I like science fiction movies, scary movies, fantasy movies, and good comedies, I like to go to the movie theaters, I enjoy surfing by internet, playing computers games and online games.

I believe that I am a lucky man, I have lived interesting experiences, I went to India to study computer hardware, it was the firs time I traveled outside my country, and I like that country very much. I stay three month in New Delhi, went to the Taj Mahal, visited the museums of Mahatma Gandhi, and Indira and Rajit Gandhi. I also meet many friends from many other parts of the world. From that time I left enchanted by India, and I hope to return some time. Coming back to Cuba, I stay one day in Paris, France and at least I was able to admire some of the beauties of that big City. Travel is something that I like very much, and if God allow me, I hope to visit many other places.Mi esposa Diana

In the year 2001 I went to Honduras, I lived there a year and a half, God give me for a wife a beautiful woman,Diana, we share a long way from Honduras to USA, during two month we travel through Guatemala, all Mexico y finally we crossed the river and arrived to the ďAmerican dream".

My wife have three daughters and I love them as if they were mine, the bigger one is Maryuri she is 16 years old, the other one is 11 and her name is Scarleth and the little one is Luisa, she have 10, all of them are Honduran to

o. The rest of my family is small, in Cuba I have my mother, my father and my two sisters Cindy and Wendy.


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